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The best gardening  services and top quality lawn care services
The best gardening services and top quality lawn care services

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Garden Care of the Best Standard in Croydon

Reliable Garden Planter in Croydon, CR0Here at Gardeners Croydon, we've been working with the very best gardeners throughout the CR0 region to bring you a wide range of expert gardening services. From garden landscaping, right through to lawn planting, our experts can truly do it all. We can offer you regular maintenance options as well. If you live in Croydon, give one of our team members a call on and they can talk you through our range of options.

Let your family enjoy a friendly outdoor space

If you're a family with young children, you may want to have a look at your garden from a health and safety perspective. Little ones love running in the garden! But you need to ensure that the garden is a safe place for them to enjoy themselves. Throughout Croydon, we're offering garden owners the opportunity to work with our professional gardeners to give their garden the essential weed control, landscaping or general maintenance they need to make the garden safe. Our experts are available to offer their advice and our entire staff are all local to the CR0 area, so they can respond to your calls swiftly.

Give your garden a complete makeover

You might be thinking of completely overhauling your garden but what if you have no idea where to start? That's where we come in! Throughout Croydon, we have teams of professionals to offer every kind of service you might need to redesign your outdoor space. Our garden design services include landscaping, planting and waste clearance. Our team of professionals can come and have a look at your garden at any time. They can assess what needs to be done and provide some sample designs for your new garden. It really couldn't be any easier!

There’s no need to feel frustrated!

People often panic before they call us for our expert gardening services. They think their garden is too big or too small or maybe it has just fallen a bit too far beyond repair. Our gardening experts, however, relish a challenge and never turn down the chance to work on any size of garden. We can apply our expertise to any state of garden in the entire CR0 district. Simply get in touch to discuss the options with us and we'll suggest the best course of action, whatever the size or condition of your garden.

We offer both domestic and commercial solutions

Do you run a business in the CR0 area that has a garden or outdoor space? You might require a regular gardening service to keep an Amazing Lawn Cutting in Croydon, CR0eye on any grass areas or flowerbeds, and that's where we come in.  Our fulltime professional teams are available to offer regular lawn mowing, maintenance or even landscaping. Whether you have a paved area or a large open green space, we are guaranteed to have the experience, tools and staff to take care of your needs. Furthermore, our services are available at highly competitive prices, so you will not have to break the bank in order to maintain your garden in a presentable state.

Affordable packages for your garden

No matter the challenge, Gardeners Croydon is looking to take care of your garden at excellent prices! We are a team of expert gardeners who are simply ready and eager to get to work on any garden throughout Croydon. We are guaranteed to be able to cover all of your gardening needs. No matter the task, we'll have the skill and expertise to give you an all-round professional experience. We can consult you and give advice before we begin any job, so come and have a chat with us first. Simply call us on today to learn more.

testimonials - what customers say

I'm really bad at mowing my lawn, and it always ends up looking worse than it did before I started! GardenersCroydon have put all of my lawn worries to bed with their lawn mowing service. It's fast, effective and affordable and I'm yet...    
Lauren N.
Garden Designers Croydon are the only choice for garden landscaping. I have used their services several times now for help with work in my garden and each time they have outdone themselves. They do a difficult job and make it look easy.    
Veronica O.
I've always wondered - what can a gardening company do that I can't?! It turns out that they can do a lot that we non-professionals can't do. They took care of my grass cutting for me in a much more manageable and faster way that what I...    
Paula Oliver
I was down after breaking my leg and needed some help with my large garden. My brother recommended Gardeners Croydon and I called for a free quote. I booked a meeting to go over the general garden work I wanted, and the representatives...    
Roy Adams
I called Gardeners Croydon the other day to do some bits and bobs in my garden. What struck me the most about their team was their willingness to do everything possible to please me and they took care of every little detail to ensure...    
Jeff Manford
My house mate used to take care of the grass, but now that he's moved out, the task falls on me. I don't want to cut the grass every week and I know I won't do a good job, so I let Gardening Company Croydon handle things. Their...    
Dennis Day
Last Friday we arranged a garden party on occasion of my son's first birthday. Little did we know about the damage it would do to our garden. I was worried of the state my garden was in. That is when my husband suggested calling up...    
Emma R.
I really had no idea how my entire garden kept getting covered in weeds. Weeds were a real problem; they kept appearing through the cracks in my patio, kept popping up in the middle of the lawn and I had no idea how to eradicate them for...    
David F.
I would always recommend GardenersCroydon as being expert gardeners who charge really low prices. If you want to have your garden professionally maintained for a great rate, call them and I'm sure you'll be delighted, just as I was.    
I am so pleased with my new garden that I have now asked the same team from Gardening Company Croydon to carry out the work with the flower beds and the patio area. Every time someone compliments me for the tidy patio and design of the...    
Caroline Walter

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