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Some Smart Ideas for Gardens

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes and can be there for fun or show. From having outside space to enjoy dining alfresco, to a space for children to enjoy outdoor games and activities, they are great places to enjoy freedom and fresh air. Gardening can be as hard or easy as you want. Nowadays, there are simple landscaping ideas that can enable anybody to have a space to use outdoors. You don’t have to have a huge area either; some small courtyards can be turned into peaceful and colour container gardens. With a little planning and homework you can turn a blank plot into an amazing feature.

Container gardens
Container gardens are easy to create and affordable. They are ideal for smaller spaces and easy to maintain. You don’t have to be a professional gardener, all you need to do is make sure you water, feed and remove dead leaves and flowers regularly; it will not take up lots of your time. If you have a balcony or a small courtyard then creating a container garden will add colour to this small area. When investing in potted plants, you will find that instructions come with the plant, which will help give you all of the necessary information for the plant to thrive. Alternatively, most garden centres’ staff members will help advise you on what plants and flowers suit your outdoor space. It is worth taking note on how much sunshine and shade you get at different parts of the day. This is a tremendous help to planning a container garden. For instance, too much sunlight can burn the leaves and flowers, so take time to work out what kind of weather you get on your outside space. Placing containers of all sizes can look attractive. You don’t always have to have the latest in pots either; you can be practical and use items from within the home. For example, empty plastic bottles, washed out paint tins and old colanders.  

A water garden
Water gardens are beautiful attractions. There is nothing nicer than a pond full of colourful lilies floating on the surface and a fountain or water feature providing a cascading stream of water. Water gives a relaxing theme to a garden. Ponds can vary in sizes and either be purchased readymade in a shape already formed, or you can dig one out yourself and line it with a thick pond liner and create your own style. You can add colourful fish and enjoy watching them swim amid you pond, creating another world underwater. Ponds and water features are a beautiful addition to a garden and create a relaxing atmosphere. You do need to do your research on how to make a water garden especially if you are going to keep fish. It is important to do some studying if you are considering having a pond. You will need to have filters and special equipment to keep it clean and clear. Water can feature in a number of ways in a garden, including bird baths that will entice wild birds to come and bathe in your garden.

Water features can be expensive to buy but one be created out of unused barrels, cisterns and wash tubs. Gardening doesn’t have to be a costly exercise. Sometimes a garden clean up or grass cutting will make a difference to your garden instantly. A garden design doesn’t have to cost a fortune; simply do some research and make improvements yourself. Using what you already have can be just as effective. Plus, it gives an individual style to your outside area.

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