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The lawn was really great and came in superb condition.

  • Alicia Smith

This organisation has remarkable values and a "can do" outlook, the quality of their job is impressive and flawless.

  • Peter Carpenter

The quality of the service offered was remarkable; reserving online was smooth sailing and easy to follow.

  • Laurence B.

The gardener turned up when expected and had good manners too. Quality work carried out!

  • Olivia Rees

I liaised with their garden design professionals and it was an absolute pleasure. It was a complete garden transformation that honestly, surpassed my expectations. I'd recommend this firm to anyone wanting a new garden.

  • L. Burnett

5 stars easily - amazing job from start to finish. Timeliness, proficiency and unbeatable effectiveness! Absolutely no fuss - they just got on with it. Don't know why I didn't use them sooner. They come equipped with their own mower which includes clearing away all cut grass. Very well mannered and business like - worth the money spent!

  • A. Batty

Working with Gardening Company Croydon was an absolute delight; they completed everything quickly and reasonably priced as well! What's more is that communication between us throughout could not have been better - I have no issue giving them my highest recommendation!

  • Chris Giles

Utterly pleased by the exceptional garden maintenance service we received; they were dependable and organized, making our lawn look stunning. The operative was polite and considerate - thank you!

  • Toby

I had Garden Designers Croydon clean up my rockery and hedge pruning. They also power washed my garden tiles. I would have no problem recommending them to a friend.

  • Walker

I received an exceptional service from Gardeners Croydon when they came to do my landscaping. The team was extremely professional and friendly and even gave me lots of advice about maintaining the plants and lawn. I will certainly be using them again in the future should I need to.

  • Tim Maloney

I will be recommending them to everyone in my neighbourhood. They did a great job.

  • Billie Warfeman

I've used Landscaping Companies Croydon several times now and their gardeners never fail to impress.

  • S. May

The best gardeners work at Gardeners Croydon. I guarantee they do the best work at affordable cost.

  • G. Williams

The gardeners dealt with the vast amount of work professionally without raising any issues. I could just leave Garden Designers Croydon to get on with it, and for that I was very grateful.

  • Clive G.

I'm embarrassed to admit how overgrown our garden had become. I contacted Gardeners Croydon and they were able to get us on the lawn mowing schedule immediately. It took a couple of weeks for our lawn to look good again but they finally brought it back. Thank you!

  • Ellen W.

I've used Garden Designers Croydon and their garden maintenance service for a while now. They never disappoint and never fail to leave me spellbound with the standard of their work.

  • A. Smith

Brilliant gardening services from GardenersCroydon. They have helped me out with so much over the years, including patio laying, lawn care, composting, and loads more, and always do an outstanding job.

  • Jewell Thunders

Weekly garden maintenance is their best service. Garden Designers Croydon delivered the gardening service I was looking for - cheap and efficient!

  • Jim S.

Gardening Company Croydon has fair prices and high quality work. If I need gardening done, I give them a call! I use them all the time, and they have never steered me wrong...Solid company!

  • Richard B.

I'm really bad at mowing my lawn, and it always ends up looking worse than it did before I started! GardenersCroydon have put all of my lawn worries to bed with their lawn mowing service. It's fast, effective and affordable and I'm yet to be disappointed with the results. Great work!

  • Lauren N.

Garden Designers Croydon are the only choice for garden landscaping. I have used their services several times now for help with work in my garden and each time they have outdone themselves. They do a difficult job and make it look easy.

  • Veronica O.

I've always wondered - what can a gardening company do that I can't?! It turns out that they can do a lot that we non-professionals can't do. They took care of my grass cutting for me in a much more manageable and faster way that what I can manage. I would not consider attempting the task myself again - I will leave it to the professionals at Landscaping Companies Croydon!

  • Paula Oliver

I was down after breaking my leg and needed some help with my large garden. My brother recommended Gardeners Croydon and I called for a free quote. I booked a meeting to go over the general garden work I wanted, and the representatives were very helpful. The gardeners have been doing my grass cutting and weeding for a few months now and they do a great service for the money. I will certainly carry on using them even when my leg is better!!

  • Roy Adams

I called Gardeners Croydon the other day to do some bits and bobs in my garden. What struck me the most about their team was their willingness to do everything possible to please me and they took care of every little detail to ensure that I was left satisfied with the service. They respected my garden and my property and they really cared and took a great deal of pride in what they were doing. I trust and respect their company to get the job done!

  • Jeff Manford

My house mate used to take care of the grass, but now that he's moved out, the task falls on me. I don't want to cut the grass every week and I know I won't do a good job, so I let Gardening Company Croydon handle things. Their gardeners do the work for me and ensure that my garden looks its best. They do it better than my old house mate and so I intend to hire them regularly.

  • Dennis Day

Last Friday we arranged a garden party on occasion of my son's first birthday. Little did we know about the damage it would do to our garden. I was worried of the state my garden was in. That is when my husband suggested calling up Gardeners Croydon for lawn restoration and repair. Within hours our garden was back to its best and I was relieved. I am happy with their gardening services and will recommend them to everyone.

  • Emma R.

I really had no idea how my entire garden kept getting covered in weeds. Weeds were a real problem; they kept appearing through the cracks in my patio, kept popping up in the middle of the lawn and I had no idea how to eradicate them for good. I had tried plenty of methods before I admitted defeat and gave GardenersCroydon a call. I should have done so sooner because in no time at all, my garden was in fantastic condition and more importantly, weed-free. Brilliant work!

  • David F.

I would always recommend GardenersCroydon as being expert gardeners who charge really low prices. If you want to have your garden professionally maintained for a great rate, call them and I'm sure you'll be delighted, just as I was.

  • Linda

I am so pleased with my new garden that I have now asked the same team from Gardening Company Croydon to carry out the work with the flower beds and the patio area. Every time someone compliments me for the tidy patio and design of the driveway, I tell them about the efficient team of this company who helped me put my garden in order. I can't tell you how happy I am with the relaxing garden that was created as per my design requirements. Thank you again!

  • Caroline Walter

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